I haven’t bought laundry soap in four years. I make the stuff. It only costs about a buck a litre and takes me 20 minutes out of my busy planet-saving life each month. Was I always like this? Heck, no.
I grew up using the same name-brand household cleaners you did (or still do). My home was filled with (artificial) scents of ocean breeze and vanilla thanks to my trusty air fresheners, dryer sheets, soaps, and detergents!
But all that changed when I realized many common household cleaning products are made with chemicals classified as toxic or hazardous to our health, and the planet’s. And learning that almost half of Canadian women (1 in 2.6) are expected to develop cancer over their lifetimes inspired me to reduce my exposure to known or potential cancer-causing chemicals.
Most home cleaning can be accomplished with ingredients safe enough to eat — baking soda, olive oil, white vinegar, salt, and lemons. I thought, “This is a no brainer!”
Today, I make my own household cleaners with less- and non-toxic ingredients. I’m cleaning up my act because I wanted to live a healthier, happier life. You can too!